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Beach School

This year Louise gained her Beach School Practitioner qualification. We are super proud of her achievement and very excited to introduce this at  Marina View Nursery.

At the moment the children attend the beach on short daily visits, with the aim to build up to full day sessions on the beach.

Beach School
Louise Beach School
Reading our book by the beach
Exploring the water
Finding shells to share
Risky play at the beach
We can make it to the top !!!
We're going on a bear hunt
Sliding our way to the bottom

Why Beach School?

The main objective of the Beach School is to teach and encourage the children to be effective contributors (Marina View's Eco Warriors) by educating them about all aspects of their local beach and the importance of caring for it by being responsible citizens and of course having FUN !!!

The skills learned and developed at beach school can contribute towards the children becoming confident individuals, giving a sense of pride in what they have achieved with the hope this will result in children being fully equipped to become successful learners and adapt to any changes or challenges in their life, especially leading up to their transition to school.

Beach Clean
Taking in the views
Talking about the tide
Accredited Beach School
Snack at the beach

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Opening Hours

Monday - Friday - 7.30am-6pm

Saturday-Sunday - Closed

50 weeks of the year

Call: (01292) 317031


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